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Service to Profession


(2016-Present) International Editorial Board Member of CHED Accredited Research Journal, The Mabini Review (ISSN 2012-2144)


(2015-Present) Founder of PhISO (Philippine International Studies Organization). Further details at www.phiso.org 

(2014-2016) One of the editors of H-Nationalism, (www.networks.h-net.org/h-nationalism)

(2013-2016) Country Expert on clusters on sovereignty and political equality, V-Dem: Varieties of Democracy project, (www.v-dem.net)

(2012-Present) Co-founder of Co-IRIS (International Relations and Islamic Studies Research Cohort). Further details at www.coiris.org.
– Convened an exploratory symposium sponsored by the European International Studies Association (Rapallo, Italy, October 30-November 02, 2013).

Untitled(2012-Present) Reviewer of the International Researchers Journal (Lahore, Pakistan)

(2012-Present) Associate Editor of Volumes 4, 5 and 6 of The Global Studies Journal (Common Ground Publishing, Illinois, USA)

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