Scholarships, Trainings, and Grants


  1. (2019) One-year Turkish Government’s Research Scholarship Program (May 21, declined)
  2. (2014-2015) Turkey’s Presidency for Turks Abroad & Related Communities (Success Scholarship Program)
  3. (2012-2013) Middle East Technical University’s PhD tuition waiver, Ankara
  4. (2012-2016, discontinued) PhD scholarship, Alliance of Civilizations Institute, FSMVU, Istanbul
  5. (2011) Full bursary for an online course granted by WOOLF Institute, UK (January 10–May 27)
  6. (2010-2014) The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey or TÜBİTAK’s PhD fellowship
  7. (2009-2012) European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Mobility with Asia’s PhD scholarship, METU Ankara
  8. (2009) 75% graduate student aid for the MA in International Studies major in European Studies (discontinued); passed two courses only from January to April (De La Salle University, Manila)
  9. (2008-2009) UP Presidential scholarship for the Master in International Studies program
  10. (2008-2009) Willy Keng scholarship for the Master in International Studies program, UP Diliman
  11. (2005-2006) UE University President scholarship for the BA program, 2nd semester 2005–2006 only
  12. (2004-2006) UE University scholarship for the BA program
  13. (2004-2005) UE College scholarship for the BA program, 1st semester 2004–2005 only
  14. (2003-2006) Quezon City local government scholarship for the BA program


  1. (2018) UP Teaching Effectiveness Course training (UP Diliman, June 4-8)
  2. (2018) CHED-DLSU Research Leadership Training Program (Midas Hotel, Manila, April 16-17)
  3. (2018) Gender, Cultural Sensitivity, and PCVE training by SRI (Estancia Resort, Tagaytay, April 10-12)
  4. (2016) ASEAN Young Scholars workshop (University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 11–22)
  5. (2015) Global Minority Rights summer school (Budapest, Hungary, July 19–25)
  6. (2015) Summer school on Borders, Borderthinking, Borderlands (Universität Bremen, Germany, May 15–26)
  7. (2014) IIIT Istanbul summer school on Muslim Societies (Istanbul City, Turkey, September 6-20)
  8. (2014) 2nd International ILEM summer school (Istanbul City, Turkey, August 23–29)
  9. (2013) 1st International ILEM summer school (Istanbul City, Turkey, August 24–30)
  10. (2013) Summer school on “History of Science in Islam as Universal Heritage” (Istanbul City, August 22-25)
  11. (2012) Five-ECTS credited PhD course on Politics, State, & Society (University of Copenhagen, Dec. 10-14)
  12. (2012) 11th Summer School on Muslims in the West (Universität Erfurt, Germany, August 1–15)
  13. (2012) International Model Organization of Islamic Cooperation (Kazan, Russia, July 4–10)
  14. (2011) EUROSPHERE PhD summer school (Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey, July 18–22)
  15. (2011) Institute of IR’s Tinos summer school (Panteion University of Athens, Greece, June 29–July 4)
  16. (2010) 20th International Youth Leadership training (Prague City, Czech Republic, July 11–16)


  1. (2021) Travel grant provided by Allameh Tabataba’i University’s SCMW (Tehran, Iran, May 15-16)
  2. (2020) Travel grant provided by the ISA (Honolulu, USA, March 25–28, cancelled)
  3. (2018) UP Research Dissemination Grant for WOCMES (Seville, Spain, July 16–22).
  4. (2017) Travel and accommodation grants; 1st International Academic Conference on Islam and Muslim World (Markaz Knowledge City, Calicut, India, December 30–31, declined)
  5. (2017) Travel grant provided by the Consortium for Southeast Asian Studies in Asia (Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, December 16–17)
  6. (2017) Travel and accommodation grants provided by Ural Federal University (Russia, September 25–26)
  7. (2017) World International Studies Committee’s (WISC) exploratory workshop grant, travel grant, and registration fee waiver (National Taiwan University, Taipei, March 31–April 3)
  8. (2017) Commission on Higher Education’ conference grant, ISA annual convention (USA, February 22–25)
  9. (2017) Travel grant provided by the ISA (Baltimore, USA, February 22–25)
  10. (2016) Travel grant for the Bremen conference (Germany, March 15–18)
  11. (2016) WISC workshop travel grant (New Delhi, India, January 11–14)
  12. (2014) Travel and accommodation grants provided by the UNILU Network of Transnational Doctoral Research and the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (University of Lucerne, Switzerland, November 14–15)
  13. (2014) Travel and accommodation grants for the 3rd Turk-Arab Youth Congress (Istanbul, October 24–27)
  14. (2014) Financial assistance for WOCMES (METU, Ankara, Turkey, August 18–22)
  15. (2014) Travel grant given by International Political Science Association (Montreal, Canada, July 19–24)
  16. (2014) Symposium grant given by the Oxford Project Southeast Asia and travel grant from the Philippines’ National Commission for Culture and the Arts (University of Oxford, UK, March 22–23)
  17. (2014) Registration waiver for the 1st International Congress on Civilizations (Istanbul, January 17–19)
  18. (2013) Accommodation grant, Asian Political & International Studies Association (Ankara, October 25–26)
  19. (2013) Accommodation grant, 2nd EISA Exploratory Symposia (Rapallo, Italy, October 30–November 02)
  20. (2013) Conference grant provided by İzmir University of Economics (Turkey, April 14–15)
  21. (2013) Conference fee waiver for the Midwest Political Science Association (Chicago, Illinois, April 11–14)
  22. (2012) Conference grant provided by Mardin Artuklu University (November 16–18)
  23. (2012) Congress grant, 1st Turk-Arab Youth Congress (Istanbul, Turkey, September 14–16)
  24. (2012) Grant recipient, Barcelona Institute of International Studies (Spain, July 15–21, declined)
  25. (2012) Grant recipient, International Olympic Academy (Greece, July 5–10, declined)