Teaching, Administrative, and Extension services

Professional University (Teaching and Administrative) Appointments and Works

  • (December 2017–February 2018) Coordinator of writing and submitting the Doha Award entry of the Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines, Diliman (UP-IIS)
  • (October 2017–July 2018) Coordinator on Publications that design, propose, institute, and become the editor in managing the international academic journal and book series, UP-IIS
  • (November 2017–December 2018) Coordinated the UP Visiting Professor and Fulbright Specialist programs, Prof. Jeffrey Ayala Milligan, (duration: Oct. 28-Dec. 08, 2018), UP-IIS
  • (Sept. 2017–Present) Assistant Professor III (tenure-track position up to July 2020), UP-IIS
  • (August 2017–Present) Website Administrator, UP-IIS
  • (August 2017–September 2017) Senior Lecturer III (part-time), UP-IIS
  • (January–July 2017) Senior Lecturer II (part-time), UP-IIS
  • (January 2017–Present) Affiliate faculty member, UP Center for International Studies
  • (November 2016–Present) Associate Professorial Lecturer V, College of Political Science and Public Administration, Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), Manila
  • (September 2016–Present) Coordinator on designing the curriculum of the proposed Master of Arts in Islamic Studies major in International Relations (Siyar) of the Ummah, UP-IIS
  • (August 2016–May 2017) Professorial Lecturer IV, International Studies dept., FEU Manila

Extension Service: Professional Administrative Works

  1. (April 2018–April 2021) Member of the Committee on the Status of Representation and Diversity, International Studies Association (ISA), USA
  2. (November 2017–Present) Co-convenor of the Islamic Studies Program, UP-CIDS
  3. (Sept. 2015–Present) Founder, Trustee, Chair of the Publications Committee, and Website Administrator of the Philippine International Studies Organization (PHISO); It is a member of the World International Studies Committee, an accredited partner organization of the International Studies Association, institutional member of the International Political Science Association, affiliate member of the Global South Caucus of International Studies, and country partner of 2017-2018 TRIP Faculty Survey.
  4. (Nov. 2012–Present) Co-founder, International Relations & Islamic Studies Research Cohort

Extension Service: Professional Academic/Scholarly Editorial Works

  1. (December 2017) Book proposals’ reviewer, Palgrave Macmillan
  2. (August-September 2017) Reviewer, Foreign Policy Analysis (Oxford University Press)
  3. (Aug. 2017-Present) Chief Editor, Routledge’s International Relations in Southeast Asia series
  4. (May 2017-Present) Reviewer, IQRA: The Journal of Al-Qalam Institute of Islamic Identities and Dialogue in Southeast Asia (Ateneo de Davao University)
  5. (Feb. 2017-Present) Reviewer, Aquinas University’s Lux Veritatis: Interdisciplinary Studies journal
  6. (January-March 2017) Reviewer, SAGE Millennium: Journal of International Studies
  7. (July 2016-Present) Co-editor, Islam and International Relations book series (Gerlach Press)
  8. (June 2016) Reviewer, UP System Grant: Discourses on Islam and the Muslim World Today
  9. (2016) Associate Editor of vol. 6.4, International Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Society
  10. (2016) Associate Editor of vol. 16.4, International Journal of Community Diversity
  11. (Feb. 2016-Present) International Editorial Board Member, The Mabini Review
  12. (April-May 2016) Reviewer of a special issue entitled ‘Iran after the Sanctions: Energy, Youth, Islam, Modernity, and Regional Crisis’ for Italy-based journal, the GEOPOLITICA
  13. (2016-Present) Content creator, The ASEAN Young Professionals Network
  14. (2014-2016) Former editor, H-Nationalism based in Michigan State University
  15. (2013-2018) Country expert, V-Dem: Varieties of Democracy project (Sweden and the USA)
  16. (2012-Present) Associate Editor, Volumes 4, 5 and 6 of the Global Studies Journal

Professional University Works: Supervised Theses

  1. From German Antisemitism to American Islamophobia (undergraduate thesis awarded with ‘Honorable Mention’ and written by Mark Adrian P. Tinguban, Francheska Mae H. Suralta, Roma Nina C. Samson, John David D. Perez, and John Paul B. Osea at FEU, 2016-2017)
  2. Europeanizing Turkey, 1923-1938 (undergraduate thesis awarded with ‘Honorable Mention’ and written by Agnetha Joy R. Caratao, James Gabriel B. Lemque, Kyle Mendell S. Olivas, Michaella B. Reyes, and Rodrick Charles B. Serra at Far Eastern University, 2016-2017)

Student Evaluation of Teaching (1.00 being the highest for UPD; 100 being the highest for PUP)

  1. UP Diliman, 1st semester 2017-2018, MA courses’ teacher’s rate for History of Islam is ____, while for Islamic Political Thought is ____
  2. PUP, 1st sem. 2017-2018, rate is ____, BA course, Introduction to International Relations
  3. UP Diliman, 2nd semester 2017-2018, MA courses’ teacher’s rate for History of Islam is 1.22, while for Islamic Political Thought is 1.64
  4. PUP, 2nd sem. 2016-2017, rate is 91.58, BA course, Special Topics in International Politics
  5. FEU Manila, 2nd semester 2016-2017, the rate is ‘not provided’, BA courses, (1) Special Problems on International Relations and (2) Issues and Trends in International Studies
  6. FEU Manila, 1st sem. 2016-2017, the rate is 4.20 (i.e. 5.00 being the highest), BA courses, (1) Introduction to International Studies and (2) Politics and Government of the Middle East