Awards and Honors

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  1. (2020) University of the Philippines Diliman Centennial Professorial Chair award (October 08)
  2. (2019) University of the Philippines’ International Publication Award (September 24)
  3. (2018) The Outstanding Young Men and Women (TOYM) honoree in International Relations given by JCI Philippines on April 09, 2019. Received commendation from the Philippine Senate via Resolution 1012.
  4. (2018) Mentor Zeemo recognition, AFP Civil Military Operation school (Camp Aguinaldo, August 17)
  5. (2017) Conferred as Professorial Chairholder in Political Science and International Relations by the Board of Regents, Polytechnic University of the Philippines (Manila City, December 11).
  6. (2017) Certificate of appreciation given by 3rd year undergraduate students of Political Science for excellent teaching (PUP Mabini Campus, West-Room 220, October 19).
  7. (2016) Plaque of Recognition from the Philippine Embassy in Ankara as the first outstanding Filipino PhD holder and mentor of Filipino scholars and students in Turkey (June 02).
  8. (2015) Special Award for the essay “Gallipoli, humanity… quo vadis?” given by the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation, Istanbul (April 27)
  9. (2014) Nominated by the Embassy of the Philippines in Turkey for the Republic of the Philippines’ Presidential Award for Filipino Individual Overseas, also known as Pamana ng Pilipino award (July 4)
  10. (2014) Republic of Turkey’s Outstanding PhD Candidate Award, Ankara (June 18)
  11. (2011) Graduate Courses Performance Award (Most Successful PhD student in International Relations), Middle East Technical University (June 02)
  12. (2011) Certificate of Merit as University Scholar, 2nd semester 2007-08, UP Diliman (January 11)
  13. (2009) Certificate of Merit as College Scholar, 2nd semester 2008-09, UP Diliman (December 3)
  14. (2009) Certificate of Merit as College Scholar, 1st semester 2008-09, UP Diliman (December 3)
  15. (2007) Academic Excellence Award, 1st to 2nd semesters 2005-06, UE Manila (March 16)
  16. (2007) Professional Eligibility conferred by virtue of Presidential Decree 907 (graduating as Magna cum Laude) issued by the Philippine’s Civil Service Commission (January 5).
  17. (2006) Academic Excellence Award, 1st to 2nd semesters 2004-05, UE Manila (March 08)
  18. (2006) Magna cum Laude recipient (with great distinction), UE Manila (November 29)