Supervised Theses

Unmasking a God Complex: Assessing Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Operational Code in Accepting the Role of a Mediator in the 2008 Israel- Syria Negotiations (BA thesis written by Sophia Panergo, Genevieve Grajo, Patricia Gener, and Khriscielle Yalao at Miriam College, 2018-2019)

From German Antisemitism to American Islamophobia (BA thesis awarded with ‘Honorable Mention’ and written by Mark Adrian P. Tinguban, Francheska Mae H. Suralta, Roma Nina C. Samson, John David D. Perez, and John Paul B. Osea at FEU Manila, 2016-2017)

Europeanizing Turkey, 1923-1938 (BA thesis awarded with ‘Honorable Mention’ and written by Agnetha Joy R. Caratao, James Gabriel B. Lemque, Kyle Mendell S. Olivas, Michaella B. Reyes, and Rodrick Charles B. Serra at FEU Manila, 2016-2017)