Frequent participated conferences: Philippine International Studies Organization (PHISO); International Studies Association (ISA); World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES); European International Studies Association (EISA); Global International Studies Conference (WISC-GISC)


2019      ISA Toronto

2018      Kartepe Summit; PSA Manila; WOCMES Seville

2017      SEASIA Bangkok; Ural Federal University; ISA Hong Kong; WISC-GISC Taipei; ISA Baltimore

2016      EISA Tübingen Workshops; BCLL #3 Bremen

2015      ISA New Orleans; Istanbul Security Conference; Kadir Has University; Borders & Margins Zagreb; PHERC Manila; Bilkent University; UOKongresi Ankara

2014      Istanbul Think-House; MECPS Sakarya; WWI Sarajevo; WOCMES Ankara; MidEast Kırıkkale; Oxford Project SEA Studies; Istanbul Civilizations Congress

2013      ISAR Istanbul; AMEPPA Ankara; Turgut Özal University; APISA Ankara; EISA Warsaw; Yıldırım Beyazıt University; İzmir University of Economics; MPSA Chicago; ISA San Francisco

2012      Mardin Artuklu University; ISAR Istanbul; Middle East Technical University; MECPS Sakarya

2011      Iran Symposia in Qazvin

2010      WOCMES Barcelona; WCCES Istanbul

2009      De La Salle University (Filipino department); University of the Philippines Diliman (Asian Center)

Served as Discussant

2019      ISA Toronto

2018      UP Diliman’s Asian Center’s AS 206 class

2017      ISA Hong Kong; WISC-GISC Taipei; PHISO Manila

2015      ISA New Orleans; SeSaMO Italia

Served as Organizer/Convenor and/or Chair

2019      ISA Toronto; PHISO Cebu

2018      AFP Multi-Sector Advisory Group workshop; Book seminar by Professor Jeffrey Ayala Milligan at UP IIS; UP IIS conference on PCVE; UP IIS workshop on SEA Islam; ABEM Manila; WOCMES Seville; Interfaith dialogue at UP IIS; PHISO Davao

2017      Talk on Rohingya by Nehginpao Kipgen at UP IIS; Talk on Violent Extremism by Mohamed Elsanousi at PUP; Talk on Islam and Buddhism by Imtiyaz Yusuf at UP IIS; PHISO forum at PUP; PHISO forum at ADDU; WISC-GISC section; PHISO workshop at WISC-GISC Taipei; PHISO Manila

2016      Talk by Turkish Ambassador Esra Cankorur at FEU Manila; PHISO forum on Gulf States at FEU Manila; PHISO forum on Turkey at FEU Manila; Co-IRIS workshop at EISA Tübingen

2015      Co-IRIS panels at ISA New Orleans; Co-IRIS panel at SeSaMO Italia

2014      Co-IRIS panel at MECPS Sakarya; Co-IRIS panel at WOCMES Ankara; IPSA Montreal; METU IR conference’s panels; Oxford Project SEA Studies’ panel

2013      Co-IRIS symposium at EISA Rapallo; APISA panel in Ankara; Co-IRIS section at EISA Warsaw

Other activities attended

2018      FES workshop on PCVE; CHED-DLSU Research Ethics symposium; UP Teaching Effectiveness Course; CHED-DLSU Research Training; NCMF Halal Summit; PUP-CPSPA Faculty Development

2015      ISA Foreign Policy Analysis working group in New Orleans

2014      IIIT Istanbul summer school; Reset Dialogues Istanbul Seminar

2012      University of Copenhagen PhD course