Thesis Mentorship

Nassef is interested to supervise thesis and dissertation that are related to the following themes/topics:

  • Islamic theories of International Relations
  • Islam in International Relations theory
  • Islamic approaches to World Politics
  • Islamic/Muslim governance
  • Nation-State system
  • Muslim polities in Southeast Asia
  • Islam and Democracy
  • Islam and Modernity
  • Islam and Diplomacy
  • Islam and Geopolitics
  • Islam in Southeast Asia
  • Islam and Foreign Policy
  • Islam and the Bangsamoro
  • Islam and International Law
  • Islam and International Organizations
  • Islam and Global (Non-Western) International Relations
  • Comparative World Religions: Religion in the ‘International’

**Thesis or dissertation proposals that are able to link any philosophical, spiritual, theological, juristic, mystical and/or social scientific relations of knowledge in Islam with the themes/topics mentioned above are highly preferred.

**Submit a concept note (between 500 and 1000 words) that explains:
[1] its rationale and paradigm (reasons behind the research problem, its purpose, and selection of theories and methods; OR for a dissertation, your defense of your new concept, theory, method and/or practice),
[2] scope (the extent of the area or subject matter including its limitations),
[3] significance to a theme/topic selected above (i.e. how it is relevant to the chosen theme/topic?),
[4] literature review with at least 10 annotated references for a thesis and 20 annotated references for a dissertation,
[5] mention at least two ethical considerations and their importance (these are, justice, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and honors and respects autonomy of persons involved), and
[6] notable contribution to existing scholarship.

Email your inquiries at

**A thesis is your validation of what you have learned throughout the course of your educational life, while a dissertation is your contribution of new knowledge (concepts, theories, methods and/or practices) to your field.

**A concept note is also needed for those who would select Nassef as their external reviewer and part of their thesis or dissertation committee in other UP units or in other institutions and universities in the Philippines and abroad.