Filipino Students in Turkey (Türkiye’de Filipin Öğrencileri)

This e-networking (non-profit) group aims to:

– share experiences (academic and socio-cultural life as a student),

– discuss concerns and issue-matters (student visa, scholarship applications, admission and retention policies, etc.),

– announce available opportunities (disseminate Turkish government bursaries and university or research grants/fellowships),

– exchange research notes and promote scholarships (attend conferences, seminars, summer schools, and guidelines for publications in national and international refereed journals/books/book series),

– and develop camaraderie (social gatherings via recreational activities)

among all (both prospective and current) students regardless of educational levels and interested individuals living (or planning to visit or live) in Turkey.

Published by

Nassef Manabilang Adiong

Nassef works on comparative research between Islam and International Relations, including Islam’s relations to Bangsamoro (the Muslim minority in the Philippines) and to Euro-American modernity. Visit for details.