Symposium: Muslims amidst the Tension of Critique and Conformity

The Islamic Community of Milli Görüs (IGMG) warmly welcomes you to its upcoming symposium:
“Muslims amidst the tension of critique and conformity”
Bielefeld (Germany), 28 – 29 April 2012

The main objective of the conference will be to elaborate on the (social) critical potential of religions in general and of Islam in particular. However, the fact that religions – and thus Islam too – tend to force conformity both externally and among its followers points to a problem which we intend to highlight during this symposium as well.

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28 April 2012, Saturday

Keynote Speech
Prof. Dr. İhsan Fazlıoğlu, İstanbul Medeniyet Üniversitesi (Turkey)

1st Session: What is Critique? The History of a Term

Critique as a Philosophical Concept – From the Enlightenment to the Present
Prof. Dr. Anton Leist, Universität Zürich (Switzerland)

Critique in Islamic Thought
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Said Hatipoğlu (Turkey)

2nd Session: Islam and the Political – From Past to Present

The Role of the Ulema in Islamic Political History
Ass. Prof. Dr. Hayrettin Yücesoy, Washington University in St. Louis (USA)

Contemporary Islamic Movements and their Encounters with Power
Dr. Alev Erkilet (Turkey)

3rd Session: Coming to Terms with Modernity? Contemporary Muslim Cultures

Modern Forms of Muslim Religiosity
Ass. Prof. Dr. Ali Zaidi, Wilfried Laurier University (Canada)

Religion beats Modernity – Resisting Modern Culture as an Islamic Duty
Prof. Dr. Bedri Gencer, Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi (Turkey)

SALSABIL (Musical Performance)

29 April 2012, Sunday

4th Session: How Governments Produce their Citizens – The Case of Religion

Alevis in Turkey
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Markus Dressler, İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (Turkey)

Cosmopolitan Jewish Traditions in Europe
Prof. Dr. A. S. Bruckstein Çoruh, ha’atelier – Platform for Philosophy & Art (Germany)

5th Session: Unyielding or Conformist? Muslims in Europe (Panel Discussion)

Oğuz Üçüncü, IGMG Secretary General
Dr. phil. habil. Eberhard Straub, Science Journalist
Aiman A. Mazyek, Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany
Prof. Dr. Ömer Özsoy, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Moderation: Eren Güvercin, Freelance Journalist and Writer


Islamic Community of Milli Görüş /Islamische Gemeinschaft Milli Görüş e.V. (IGMG)
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