The Middle East Government Directory 2012

The comprehensive guide to people in government and power in the Middle East!

The Middle East Government Directory 2012 is the definitive guide to people in power in the Middle East. All the top decision-makers are included in this one-volume publication, which details government ministries, departments, agencies, corporations and their connected bodies.

Each country chapter contains:

* a brief governmental overview of each country
* the constitutional position of the head of state
* an outline of the legislature and governmental system
* a summary of national elections and political parties
* listings of ministries and their key personnel
* government departments and their connected bodies
* listings of embassies of each country, and within each country

Organization entries contain the names and titles of officials, postal and e-mail addresses, telephone, telex and fax numbers plus an overview of their main activities.

Truly regional in scope, and listing all government ministries, departments, agencies, corporations and their connected bodies from every country in the Middle East, this directory provides a uniquely comprehensive view of government activity in the Arab world.

Ministries and government organizations include:

Agriculture and the Environment;  Business and Economy;  Defence;  Development and Planning;  Education and Research;  Employment;  Health and Welfare;  International Affairs; Legal and Judiciary;  Media;  Mining and Energy;  Science and Technology;  Tourism;  Transport and Communications; and Utilities.

Countries covered are:

Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt
Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan
Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman
Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

The Middle East Government Directory 2012 is an exceptional guide to governments and governmental systems for the Middle East. This Directory provides specialized information on government agencies, officials, and institutions throughout that region.

The Middle East Government Directory 2012 is an indispensable strategic resource for all Middle East researchers and is a vital acquisition for Library needing further details on the region, or for those needing a reliable source of governmental contacts.

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The Middle East Government Directory 2012
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