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With more than 50 academic publications in various platforms, 25 academic grants, 18 awards (UP Centennial Professorial Chair, PUP Professorial Chair, TOYM, among others), 14 scholarships, 6 fellowships, 6 consultancies, and numerous researches, the stellar career of Dr Nassef Manabilang Adiong—whose at his mid-30s presently—is truly an inspiration. After 15 years from obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Magna cum Laude) in 2006, he is being honored this year as one of the Most Outstanding Alumni in the 75th foundation anniversary of the University of the East. Shepherding towards reforms in the political economy of world’s knowledge systems conveniently lenient to Western canons, he founded three research organizations, five book series, and one scholarly journal to provide impetus to marginalized plurality of intellectual voices. His recognition extends beyond the Philippine soil as he was elected as governing board officer at the World International Studies Committee in 2020 and Asia representative at the ISA Global South Caucus in 2018. To find and connect to his ancestral roots by serving his own community, the Bangsamoro people, he has taken a new role as the tenured Director of the Bangsamoro Parliament’s Policy Research and Legal Services.

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Nassef Manabilang Adiong

Nassef is the founder of Co-IRIS (International Relations and Islamic Studies Research Cohort), PHISO (Philippine International Studies Organization), DSRN (Decolonial Studies Research Network), and BRLN (Bangsamoro Research and Legal Network). He works on interdisciplinary research between Islam and International Relations and explores the Bangsamoro society as he heads the Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS) of the Bangsamoro Parliament. Visit https://nassef.info/ for more details.