UP Diliman, UP-IIS, and other universities/colleges’ administrative works

  • (March–April 2018) Member of the Board of Judges, UP Philippine Collegian
  • (March 12 & 19, 2018) Workshop’s lecturer on research writing, UP-IIS graduate students’ organization
  • (February 2018–Present) Member and regular attendee, UP Diliman’s University Council
  • (December 2017–February 2018) Coordinator for UP IIS Doha Award entry (failed to be shortlisted)
  • (October 2017–Present) Coordinator on Publication Division at UP IIS
  • (October 26, 2017) Assisted in revising the PUP Political Science undergraduate program.
  • (November 2017–December 2018) Coordinated the application of Prof. Jeffrey Ayala Milligan for the UP Visiting Professor program and the Fulbright Specialist program
  • (August 2017–Present) UP-IIS Website Administrator
  • June 2017–May 2018) Designed the new BA in International Studies program, PUP Manila
  • (September 2016–Present) Coordinator on designing the curriculum of the proposed Master of Arts in Islamic Studies major in International Relations (Siyar) of the Ummah, UP-IIS

Editorial Board Member

International Journal of Religion (Transnational Press London); Mathal: A Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Multidisciplinary Studies (The University of Iowa); PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences (GRDS Publishing); Journal of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (Kırklareli University, Turkey); Scientia: The International Journal on the Liberal Arts (San Beda University); The Mabini Review (Polytechnic University of the Philippines); Country expert for Turkey and Iran at the V-Dem: Varieties of Democracy project; Former editor at H-Nationalism; Former content creator at the ASEAN Young Professionals Network


Journal of Law and Religion (Cambridge University Press); Foreign Policy Analysis (Oxford University Press); Critical Research on Religion (SAGE Publications); Millennium: Journal of International Studies (SAGE Publications); SUVANNABHUMI: Multi-disciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (Busan University of Foreign Studies, South Korea); Journal of Humanity and Society (İnsan & Toplum Dergisi); Global Studies Journal (Common Ground Research Networks); Italy-based GEOPOLITICA; International Research Forum on the Philippines’ proceedings; ABEM International Conference Proceedings; Palgrave Macmillan’s book proposals; IQRA: The Journal of Al-Qalam Institute of Islamic Identities and Dialogue in Southeast Asia (Ateneo de Davao University); Aquinas University’s Lux Veritatis: Interdisciplinary Studies journal; UP System Grant proposal; International Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Society; International Journal of Community Diversity


  1. (June 2018–Present) National Research Council of the Philippines (Quezon City, Philippines)
  2. (2017-Present) New York Southeast Asia Network (New York, USA)
  3. (2017-Present) International Qur’anic Studies Association (Atlanta, USA)
  4. (2016-Present) World International Studies Committee (Geneva, Switzerland)
  5. (2016-Present) ASEAN Young Professionals Network
  6. (2014-Present) Società per gli Studi sul Medio Oriente (Milano, Italy)
  7. (2013-2018) European International Studies Association (Brussels)–ID: 102109
  8. (2013-Present) European Consortium for Political Research (Colchester, UK)
  9. (2012-Present) Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (Cairo, Egypt)
  10. (2012-2013) Association for the Study of Middle East and Africa (Washington, DC)
  11. (2012-2015) British Association for Islamic Studies (Edinburgh, UK)
  12. (2012-2013) Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin, Germany)
  13. (2012-2013) Middle East Economic Association (Ankara, Ohio, and Mississippi)
  14. (2011-2012) British International Studies Association (Aberystwyth, UK)
  15. (2011-2020) International Political Science Association (Montreal, Canada)
  16. (2011-2014) International Society for Islamic Legal Studies (Massachusetts, USA)
  17. (2011-2020) International Studies Association (The University of Connecticut, USA
  18. (2011-2012) Middle East Studies Association (Arizona, USA)